Filter and Sand Changes- Need your filter washed or sand in your sand filter changed? We provide that to keep your pool running smooth
Openings - Give us a call to open your pool up the right way for this upcoming summer. We install all rails ladders, and extra equipment. Remove the cover and put down every anchor. Also most importantly start up your pool system to ensure the right flow of water to get your pool going.
Closings- we shut down your system and blow out pool lines ensuring every drop of water is removed. We also put gallons of antifreeze to make sure the pipes do not freeze during the winter.
Service Calls- Whether it be a small leak or a pump issue. Don't hesitate to pick up that phone and dial we will fix any and every issue you have with your pool.

De Filter Cleanings - Every year your grids must be cleaned let us take care of that for you. Call us whenever you'd like heavenly pools will do it right.

Chemical Delivery - Tired of running back and forth to the store for chemicals and supplies you need? Here at Heavenly Pools we have all you need. Not only do chemicals we supply we also provide the best equipment. Just give us a call and place your order for a delivery to your door.

Heavenly Pools and Patios not only renovate pools and patios we are also very good at keeping them maintained for a clean and safe use. We will handle every aspect of your pool leaving you and your family with little to no work. We will detect any problem your pool has, whether a small leak or something broken. Heavenly Pools has the expertise and tools to handle all of your problems.

Maintenance Services

Weekly Maintenance Program- Leave the work for the professionals at Heavenly Pools our team has a weekly maintenance program. Our program will ensure that your water stays healthy and clean throughout the entire season.

Clean up Crew- Our clean-up crew vacuums and cleans cleans your pool. Whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, or emergencies our clean-up crew covers it all.